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Wovenfloors is a well-established family owned boutique Manufacturing business steeped in the tradition of Rug Making. A tradition that we as the third generation are carrying forward into the 21st century with a fresh approach. An approach where the efficiency of a corporate organization is flavoured with the warmth and personalization of a family run business, where the standardization of processes is tinged with flexibility and adaptability.

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Our in-house designers drew on their travels around the world, and especially from the techniques they encountered at our rug-making facility in India.

Happily for us at Woven Floors, our passion has turned into our profession. Having been exposed to yarns and weaves ,textures and surfaces, and beautiful coloured graphs since our early days, this was an instinctive choice of work. This is where our creativity flows, ideas are mooted, experiments are done, discussions, disagreements happen, deadline pressures and hot tempers are dealt with and the final sigh of relief and exhilaration taken.

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Paintings as rug

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Our Sampling service is crucial for us as this is the first impression that the clients get of their orders.

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